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Tired of Public Accounting – Other Opportunities for Tax Senior

I have worked for a regional public accounting firm for 2.5 years now in tax. I was recently promoted to senior, have three sections of the CPA exam passed, and an MBA. I knew that working in public after graduation was not something I envisioned myself doing long-term, but I also knew it would provide me some excellent experience. While there are certain aspects of tax I enjoy, the fact that I am merely ensuring clients are compliant is not a value-adding activity. Reading code sections, trying to keep up on all the technical aspects of corporations and partnerships, dealing with the Federal, State, and Local taxing authorities, the deadlines, the complaining clients and partners…I simply don't care. I do my best, my performance reviews are fine, but I can already see how this profession will be repetive and soul-sucking year after year, just with more stress added on as the promotions follow. I want to get out in an effort not to get "pigeonholed", but I question if it is too soon (i.e., I don't have enough "meaningful experience") and what a good stepping-stone would be. I want nothing to do with posting journal entries, monthly close, or anything "basic-accounting" related. I have looked at FP&A and other analyst positions and while those opportunities look like something I would enjoy more, I would love to hear what others think and what their experience has been. I appreciate any insight you can provide me.