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My last semester and still no offer.

I graduated from my university's journalism school in 2008. Unable to find work at the time, I worked for the Census during 2009-2010. After that finished, I spent all of 2011 unemployed and looking for work. I went back to school in January 2012, this time for my MAcc. I spent 2 years taking the prerequisites to enter the program, working part-time with the books at a veterinary clinic. I was unable to secure an internship at all while taking these classes, although I have been active in Beta Alpha Psi since January 2013. I am going to finish my master's in December, I have already passed FAR, REG and BEC, and my GPA is comfortably above 3.5. I have been rejected from even interviewing with a variety of firms, including Big 4, regional and local. I have had one interview and I will have one more next week, but I am concerned about where to go in case I do not receive an offer before I'm out. I'm 30 years old and I'm starting to lose hope. My school's career center has not been helpful, and my professors seem baffled by my difficulties. Do older applicants even have a shot at entering public accounting without more relevant experience?