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Third Year Student Needs a Plan for Recruiting Season

This is a bit long winded, but I know I'll probably get the most realistic advice here on GC. 

I recently transferred to a heavily recruited school on the west coast (think Berkeley, USC, UCLA) for Big 4, but places pretty nicely into IB and Consulting as well. Given my background of going to a community college, trying to network, and talking to some people in IB, I pretty much decided my efforts should be put somewhere else given my chances/time restrictions. So I am pretty much trying to focus on Big 4 or somehow getting into consulting (something like S&O). But here is the thing, I don't really know what the hell I want, nor do I have true exposure to anything. I like things about audit, things about tax, some advisory fields etc……and with recruiting coming soon I need to decide on how to approach this. I've got a good GPA (4.0 in Accounting so far, 3.8~ or so overall with A LOT of math classes), had a small accounting internship a few years back and a small business venture, so I hope my resume doesn't go straight in the trash. 

I eventually want to run/start my own business, whether it be related to accounting I don't know, or move into a good industry position where I can keep moving up with stable hours and good pay. That is about all I know. How should I approach this? I've never dealt with recruiting and I pretty much need to hit the ground running. Should I apply for different positions? What "fields" should I look at? I just don't want to piss away my really early 20s doing a bunch of shit work with terrible hours (one of the reasons I stopped thinking about banking).