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Where do I go now?

I'm a recent graduate from small university in Kansas. I got my Master degree in accounting and I passed 3/4 of the CPA exam last week. I will try to get it done in the next 3 month sor so. My GPA is about 3.6. Here come the problem, during college time, I didn't do a good job of networking with the recruiters. I tried to apply for internship but I failed the interviews with PwC and some other local firms. I ended up finishing school without any actual working experience ( unless you count random part-time job as working experience). 

I'm desperate for a job asap. What is the chance of me getting a full-time job with one of big 4? My resume is not-at-all appealing to be honest. If not, should I aim for an internship first? I have been applying for local accounting firm for a few days now and still haven't heard from any of them. Please help…