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Tanning Tax Is Racist, Says Guy Somehow Elected to Congress

Actually this kind of reasoning is probably par for the courseTed Yoho is calling attention to the injustices in this country on behalf of Florida's 3rd Congressional District:
Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) said the 10 percent tax on the use of indoor tanning facilities was discriminatory, and that he had said as much to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), according to audio posted by Right Wing Watch, a project of the liberal People for the American Way. Boehner has faced questions over his own tanning practices. “I had an Indian doctor in our office the other day, very dark skin, with two non-dark-skin people, and I said this to him – and they started laughing – I said, ‘Have you ever been to a tanning booth?’ and he goes, ‘No, no need,’ ” Yoho said. “So therefore it’s a racist tax and I thought I might need to go get to a sun tanning booth so I can come out and say I’ve been disenfranchised because I got taxed because of the color of my skin.” 
Surprisingly, this tax policy acumen is currently not serving on the Ways & Means Committee which, I think you'll agree, is a disservice to the entire country.