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Hiring Watch: PwC Boston

~ Update below includes a few more specifics provided by a PwC spokesman. 

What's this? A report about an accounting firm moving into a larger office space and hiring more professionals and NOT some insufferable trend piece about people studying for an exam at the beach? Incredible!

Yes, in this little blurb from the Boston Globe about Papa Whiskey Charlie moving to Seaport Boulevard in 2015, we learn that the firm will be expanding a bit:

The deal will help the accounting giant, known as PwC, add another 500 employees to its Boston operations, bringing its total head count in the city to 3,000. The firm, currently located in the Financial District, will be one of the largest employers on the waterfront, which has continued to attract businesses that want to be a part of its rapid growth.
“It’s the new hot spot in the city,” said Barry Nearhos, managing partner for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston. He said the $265 million building, to be developed by Skanska USA Commercial Development, will allow the company to modernize its office layout, upgrade technology, and add amenities such as a 4,000-square-foot terrace overlooking Boston Harbor.

PwC Boston is best known for housing the compliance wizards of Mitt Romney's tax returns, but you may also remember that they throw a WICKAD HAWLIDAY PAHTEE. So if all that and a 4,000-square-foot terrace sounds good to you, then get your resume together.

UPDATE: A few more details on these jobs: PwC spokesman Chris Atkins informed us that these new employees will be added from now utnil the move into the Seaport location, "will include a mix of campus and experienced hires at all levels and across all lines of service." It's a FREEFAHALL!

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