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October 4, 2023


See If You Can Stomach Watching All Six Minutes of This Horrible KPMG Denmark Video

Honestly Adrienne bailed out after watching only a minute and I tapped out after watching about three minutes of this KPMG Denmark video. So if you made it through the entire six minutes, congrats! You have more mental fortitude than we do.

Enjoy This Mesmerizing Video of Tim Gearty

This video is several years old, but I hadn't seen it before today and I'll be damned if it isn't glorious and worth sharing with all of you. I'll admit that the talent here really belongs with the editor of the video, but someone was inspired to make it by the words of the ageless […]

Here’s the ‘Janice in Accounting Don’t Give a F*ck’ Video Compilation You’ve Been Waiting For

If you religiously watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver like I do, then you certainly know Janice from accounting, who does not give a fuck. Not a single one.

Let’s Watch PwC’s Dennis Nally Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

In typical accounting firm fashion, PwC chairman Dennis Nally is finally getting around to doing the ice bucket challenge now that almost everyone has forgotten about the ice bucket challenge. He's a busy guy so it's understandable if he's had better things to do over the last several weeks. What's with the awkward hand-wringing? This […]

The Monthly Close: Accounting For the Month in Headlines

Once a month, Greg gets together with his slightly-funnier-than-he-is pals to rip on the month in headlines. This month, the crew chats about the new online dating service matching employers with job seekers, a website for married cheaters that thinks accountants make the best dates, accountants wasting time on the Internet at work, the best […]

The Monthly Close: Accounting with Your Shirt Buttoned Down

Today we're kicking off a new video series. it's called the Monthly Close and it'll feature Greg and some of his comedian chums recapping stories from last month. We hope you enjoy it. If you have feedback or any suggestions for stories that you'd like to see in August's Monthly Close, email us or comment below. 

ICYMI: Portlandia Tries to Make Tax Lawyers Cool

Maybe you don't watch Portlandia, maybe you do, we don't really care. But either way, we think you should be aware this happened:

Some Guy Has Created the Accounting Version of the Infamous Gundy Rant

Because why not? Someone had to do it. Personally I think this could have been better done in front of a backdrop of some accounting firm logo but oh well.

According to this Sportscaster, Accountants Are the Only People Who Never Screw Up

Someone needs to introduce this guy to Arthur Andersen, Scott London, and the Cleveland intern with a highly condensed schedule of errands. That said, it's nice to know that average Joes still hold all of you in such high regard, because we all know none of you would EVER celebrate too early. Perhaps the AICPA […]

(VIDEO) Watching an Accountant’s Day-to-Day Activities Is Arguably More Interesting with a Skrillex Soundtrack

Dubstep is disco for the contemporary era. Some day, you'll be like, "Remember dubstep?" And one of your friends who is in the middle of sticking his/her hand into a dirty diaper will stop short, look over at you and respond, "Oh, yeah. Jesus. I'm lucky my brain didn't melt a couple of times." And […]

UPDATED: [VIDEO] This Drunk Irish Chick Might Be Her KPMG Partner Daddy’s Biggest Fan

Video description says it all: girl with no money for pizza eating scraps from table in drunken rage. she has no shoes on and has urine on her feet!! very funny It goes without saying based on that description that the language in this video is enough to make even me blush. As the tongue-ringed […]

David Cay Johnston Would Just Like to Confirm That Mitt Romney Isn’t Like Richard Nixon, That’s All

And he's so excited to do it, he's throwing digits in Willard's face! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy [via TaxProf]

Here’s a Bunch of Cute Kids Explaining Why They Want to Be Tax Accountants

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I’ll be on vacation next week in an undisclosed location but you’ll be in the very capable hands and permanently ink-stained arms of Adrienne. I don’t think I have to explain to you what will happen if you don’t behave.

Because I know you’ll miss me with every fiber of your being (and it’s Friday), I’ve presented the following video for your enjoyment.

[via TaxProf]

(VIDEO) The CBH Raleigh Interns Present: Insanity!

Ever see those annoying exercise infomercials in the middle of the night that promise ripped abs and a tight core, all while screaming at you to get your fat ass off the couch and get started for just 12 easy payments of $99.95?

Well a few Cherry, Bekaert & Holland interns in the Raleigh office decided to make a video that pimps out the greatest fitness plan of all-time – a summer audit internship – with that same high energy madness. We have to admit we didn’t have high hopes until we actually watched it and let’s just say these interns did not disappoint.

When we asked a CBH spokesperson if these amazing interns will be joining the team come fall, we were told “Full time offers? These are obviously all super-accountants, so I’d be afraid to see what they’d do to us if we didn’t. However, I hear HR is still looking at their before pictures.”

Amazing results!

(VIDEO) FEI’s Edith Orenstein and the Singing CPA Present a Love Song to the Pozen Committee

FEI’s Edith Orenstein has dropped a track on YouTube with “The Singing CPA” Steven Zelin called “Hey There Bob Pozen” (as of the date this is posted, we haven’t been able to find a Doctor P remix of the hot track) that really doesn’t need commentary at this moment. But we’ll be back after the jump with a few things to say.

Oh, I didn’t mention it’s to the tune of “Hey There Delilah” did I? Yeah. It totally is.

Anyway, it’s a tribute to the Pozen committee, of which Edith is a huge fan, in honor of its 3rd birthday:

I am a big fan of the Pozen committee, mainly because, like other committees that have fascinated me (such as the EITF , the PCAOB SAG, and the U.S. Treasury Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession) it has a fascinating cross-section of preparers (issuers), auditors, investors, and others. I loved watching the webcasts where you could see folks discuss things from different vantage points at the same time. I think that kind of broad-based committee has an advantage over committees made up of only one segment of the constituent community, such as preparers, auditors, or investors. I think the standard-setters and rulemakers can receive the most efficient and effective input when the various segments of constituents face off against one another (I mean that in a polite way, I should say, ‘dialogue’ with each other) on issues of mutual interest.

I assume here approximately 6 to 7 percent of you have any clue what the Pozen committee is (unless you regularly read Edith, which you should if you’re into serious financial reporting shit of which we rarely if ever cover), here’s some financial reporting porn (PDF) to groove on. The short version is that the August 2008 report recommends steps to improve the usefulness of financial information to investors.

In case you’ve forgotten, this isn’t Edith’s first venture into the world of YouTube. Surely you remember “If I Were an Auditor,” filmed completely in Second Life with the help of the MACPA and friends.

Could you imagine what would happen if we could get the Maryland Association of CPAs’ dancing flash mob to do a mashup with Edith and Steven? Someone please get on that.

A Brief Moment in the Life of a Big 4 Auditor

Well. Any auditor for that matter.

Based on personal experience it’s plausible that the script came from actual conversations.

A Salute to Charlie Rangel

Apparently it’s Chuck Rangel day here at GC. Since we know there is a contingent of you that love Rangs and his exploits (and bow ties!) we feel compelled to follow up the ironic tax advice report with this.

We don’t know who’s running against Rangel (anyone?) this fall but we don’t see how this spot would be excluded from the arsenal.

[h/t TaxProf]