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The Monthly Close: Accounting For the Month in Headlines

Once a month, Greg gets together with his slightly-funnier-than-he-is pals to rip on the month in headlines. This month, the crew chats about the new online dating service matching employers with job seekers, a website for married cheaters that thinks accountants make the best dates, accountants wasting time on the Internet at work, the best time of day to be ethical, and President Obama's beef with accountants.



In case you're wondering, Monthly Close articles are chosen by random — and by random, we mean like this:

Greg: Hey Caleb and Adrienne, anything interesting happen this month we should talk about?
Caleb: SURE BUDDY! Check out this, this, and this *emails large list of links*
Greg: AG?

SO, if you enjoyed a particular article for the month, do Greg a solid and let him know to add it to his list of Monthly Close candidates by shooting us an email, subject line The Monthly Close. Compliments, complaints and other general bitching may also be sent to that address (as usual).