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UPDATED: [VIDEO] This Drunk Irish Chick Might Be Her KPMG Partner Daddy’s Biggest Fan

Video description says it all:

girl with no money for pizza eating scraps from table in drunken rage. she has no shoes on and has urine on her feet!! very funny

It goes without saying based on that description that the language in this video is enough to make even me blush. As the tongue-ringed drunk brags how her daddy is "the highest earning partner in KPMG" and cheerleads KPMG while mocking the "loooosers" filming her and eating their leftover pizza, one can only wonder if Daddy has seen this yet.

If our friends across the pond know who this chick is, please let us know. Maybe we can give her a Tosh.O type GC web redemption… or just mock her dad, who is clearly the most powerful dude at KPMG (which isn't saying much). She says his name at some point but is slurring too hard for us to make it out, maybe you can? He's Jimmy someone or other and he gets FIFTY PERCENT. WOOOOO, girl, KPMG!

We're willing to bet this video won't be up for long so watch it while you can and we'll save a copy just, you know, because.


[video removed from YouTube]

UPDATE: It's back!