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(VIDEO) Watching an Accountant’s Day-to-Day Activities Is Arguably More Interesting with a Skrillex Soundtrack

Dubstep is disco for the contemporary era. Some day, you'll be like, "Remember dubstep?" And one of your friends who is in the middle of sticking his/her hand into a dirty diaper will stop short, look over at you and respond, "Oh, yeah. Jesus. I'm lucky my brain didn't melt a couple of times." And you'll be all like, "I know." And then the stench of baby shit will re-invade your nostrils to shock you back to reality.

No matter how you feel about the genre, it's hard to argue that your professional lives wouldn't be more interesting to outsiders if they watched your daily activities with a dubstep soundtrack. And careful video editing, obviously. 

That's what London firm Berg Kaprow Lewis figured anyway. This is one of their newbies Daniel Li doing some rudimentary things with Skrillex's "Bangarang" helping him shuffle along. 

So next time some asks you what your typical day is like, you can offer this as an example and it'll change their whole perspective.

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