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The 2022 Bloomberg Tax Author Awards Celebrate the Pinnacle of Tax Intelligence

Once again, in what can only be described as an attempt to market its tax platform, Bloomberg has released its annual awards for the Bloomberg Tax Authors of the Year. We’ll just mention the Federal authors of the year here, but there are also three other categories of Bloomberg author awards: State Tax, International Tax, […]

Deloitte Picks Up an EY Alum As Chief Tax Officer-in-Residence

This one is fresh off the newswire. Deloitte announced its Chief Tax Officer Program is bringing on Paul Stephens, a 25 year veteran of AT&T, to serve as independent senior advisor. His job will be to advise Deloitte Tax staff and senior leadership “while also helping CTOs and their finance organizations create value for their […]

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Hey Tax People, You’ll Be Thankful For This Remote Job That Promises No More Than 40 Hours a Week EVER

Those of you dreading the idea of yet another busy season (so, all of you) will be interested in this gig: how’s 30 to 40 fully remote hours a week sound to you? So not only will you never have to go into the office, you won’t have to sacrifice all your evenings at weekends […]

Promotion Watch ’20: Let’s Give a Thumbs Up to KPMG’s New Tax and Audit Bosses

Lynne Doughtie’s five-year reign as chairman and CEO of KPMG US came to an end on June 30, and her successor, Paul Knopp, wasted no time today appointing some KPMGers to extra special positions within the firm. KPMG today announced the leaders of the U.S. firm’s Audit, Tax and Advisory businesses, as well as the […]

Certain People on the PwC San Jose Tax Team Not Happy About This Hoteling Business

For those of you who don't know, hoteling is a fancy word for working like some kind of homeless drifter. In other words, you function unfettered by the pesky material chains of deskhood and experience the freedom of rotating workspace in neat 24 hour increments. And PwC's San Jose office is leading the trend. Here's […]

Big 4 Revenue Bigger Than Ever in 2012

The website likes to put out an analysis of the Big 4 firms' revenues every year and we're pretty grateful because we sure as hell don't want to do it. That said, it's largely just a press release for all the firms to remind everyone how much they're crushing it. And although "believes […]

Don’t Bank on a Tax Refund Loan Next Year

JP Morgan has sent out notice to 13000 tax preparers that it plans to discontinue its refund loan operations, leaving tens of thousands of taxpayers with a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a front on money due back from the government come tax time.

This is nothing new for tax preparers. Last year, Jackson Hewitt announced that its RAL (Refund Anticipation Loan) funding was down to about 50%, meaning it could only cover half of the RALs it anticipated it would be asked to process come tax time. The problem came from Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, who funded about 75% of Jackson Hewitt’s RALs, after it was told by the Comptroller of the Currency that it had to increase its capital ratios and quick. SBBT may not have been able to buff up its capital levels but you can buff up your own by following these tips to decrease your “rebate” from Uncle Sam so you aren’t standing around waiting for Treasury to cut you a check:

Keep your exemptions in check This is the easiest, simplest, most obvious solution. If you’re waiting for a huge refund check every year, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the tax position you’ve held since you were in college.

If you’re still in a rush, e-file Sure, it’s not instant, but you’ll get your refund a lot quicker by e-filing than you will the good old fashioned snail mail way. National figures show 60% of Americans used e-file last year, leaving the USPS SOL once again.

File early Again, this seems obvious but if you want your money quicker, file at the front of the line. Americans are procrastinators so if you’re one of the first anxious little taxpayers out of the 1040 gate, chances are your refund will get processed faster.