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KPMG IT Advisory Associate Looking for Love on ‘The Bachelor’

I don’t watch reality TV shows. They are dumb. They are contrived. They are overrated. I don’t get why so many people watch them. I would rather watch six hours straight of C-SPAN than watch a six-hour marathon of Say Yes to the Dress. If Caillou and Keeping Up with the Kardashians were the only two shows on TV, and I had to watch one, I would choose Caillou, and I hate Caillou.

While I was watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, I saw a commercial for the new season of The Bachelor, which premiers tonight on ABC. And I don’t care. I won’t be watching. But for those of you who will be watching, among the 30 bachelorettes trying to woo the heart of former San Diego Chargers tight end Colton Underwood is Onyeka Ehie, an IT advisory associate in KPMG’s Dallas office.

Here’s what we know about 24-year-old Onyeka:

According to her LinkedIn profile, Onyeka said she is a “highly ambicious (sp) IT Audit Associate with KPMG. I have a strong work ethic and experience working with clients. I graduated with my masters in accounting in May 2017 and joined a career in IT due to the innovative aspect and opportunity.” She has been an associate at KPMG since June 2017 and interned with the firm while she was in college.

Onyeka is a native of Manhattan, Kan., and received her degree in accounting from Kansas State University. Her parents are from Nigeria and have been married for 35 years. According to her bio on the show’s webpage, her parents got engaged after just two weeks, and Onyeka is “hoping to have that same kind of luck with Colton.”

Onyeka and my 9-year-old daughter have the same favorite snack: Cheez-Its. Her go-to pickup line is, “You look so familiar.”

She is a newly minted CPA:

Creeps send her private messages on Twitter:

And she likes to booze it up (which is cool with us):

Onyeka is the latest addition to the list of accountants who have been on reality TV shows. Who can forget EY associate Dylan Petitt’s sixth-place finish on season 10 of The Bachelorette? Or PwC auditor Steve Beguhn’s stint on season 10 of American Idol in 2011? Or PwCer Kate Hashimoto being featured on the TLC series Extreme Cheapskates because she dumpster-dives for all her food and doesn’t use toilet paper?

Klynveldians or fans of The Bachelor, keep us posted in the comments section on how Onyeka is doing. If she advances far into the competition, maybe we’ll do an update in the next month or so. Or maybe not.