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Is There Room for Creativity in an Accounting Job?

You probably think that accounting has no room for creativity. Or that pairing the words “creative” and “accounting” is a nice euphemism for egregious fraud.

And you might be right! However, there’s always more room for the right brain in your life and the Daily Muse has five ways that can help tap into that creative side, even if you’re swamped in spreadsheets all day.

1. Take a notebook everywhere — There’s inspiration all around us, so putting words to paper will help you remember sights, sounds, and visual stimulation that you encounter throughout your day

2. Make your everyday environment creative — Those grey cubicle walls could use some life.

3. Make time for creativity — If you want something to be a priority, you have to make it a priority. This doesn’t have to exclusively be at work or home, but making the point to set aside a block of time — even as little as 15 minutes! — will get in a routine of fostering creativity.

4. Break up your routine — Everything bagel with cream cheese, amirite? Stimulate your brain by driving/walking/riding a new route and from work, try a new place for lunch, or get some different beats in your headphones. Even little changes will help limber up your brain.

5. No “no” — The author Stephanie Ormston gives a great example:

One of the first things I was taught in my basic improv class was to never say no. For example, say your scene partner comes onstage and says, “Wow, it sure is hot on the planet Mars.” If you say, “No, we’re on Earth,” you’ve just killed the entire scene. Instead, you should try something like, “Yeah, and it doesn’t help that we’re dressed like Eskimos.” The only way to further the scene, and further the plot, is to build off of what your partner has given you.

Likewise, you might be offered an assignment that you’re just not interested in. Rather than pawn it off on your staff, tackle it yourself and see if you can find a better way of doing it. You may surprise yourself and impress your boss!

Creativity comes hard in accounting, but opportunities pop up every day. Use these tips to keep your right brain engaged.

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