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Three Ways to Cope with a Hellish Work Environment

God forbid you end up in a work environment that more resembles Hell than a place of business, but just in case you've found yourself in the corporate equivalent of the Ninth Circle, Dumb Little Man has some great suggestions for surviving.

Go check their post for the entire list, but here are a few of the key take aways:

  • Don't get too worked up over criticism — Remember, it's easy for someone to find something wrong with your work. If you take it personally or decide you're going to push — nay, SHOVE — back on boss or co-worker, you might be making a bigger problem for yourself. DLM suggests to take it in stride and move on.
  • Hustle — Sometimes showing a little extra initiative goes a long way. No need to show off, but pitching here and there where you might not be expected may win you some brownie points.
  • Dish out some praise — Regardless of how you feel about your ghoulish officemates, you should be able to find something that he or she does well. They may have handled a difficult client well or wrote an enlightening memo, but giving credit where credit is due will smooth over any past differences.

Remember, working in difficult situations can be great teaching moments, but there are right ways and wrong ways to approach them. Of course if you've exhausted all your goodwill, it may be time to move on.  

How to Cope with a Difficult Work Environment [DLM]