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Deferred Start Dates

screenshot of Carmine Di Sibio's May 23 Squawk on the Street appearance

Carmine Talks About AI Putting HR Out of a Job, Attrition, and a Rough Labor Market

EY Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio and King Charles III stan showed up on Squawk on the Street today talking about the labor market and, more notably, how the firm is using an AI chatbot to answer payroll questions. The AI segment begins around 3:05. He also discussed hiring, saying they’ve been seeing […]

someone looking at their watch

Deferred Start Dates Are a Good Thing?

Staci Zaretsky wrote about deferred Biglaw start dates on Above the Law today and while law ≠ accounting, the sausage factory of the Professional Services Industrial Complex™ is pretty much the same thing. Let me add, we’re beginning to see delayed start dates in our little corner of the billable hour universe so this might […]

(UPDATE) Rumor Mill: Small Firm Doesn’t Want You to Start Just Yet Either

Telling new associates to get comfortable is apparently contagious. A tip we just received informed us that a local Bay area firm, Frank Rimerman & Co. is deferring start dates for new hires from September to July January 2010.
Our suggestion is to starting pwning noobs*.

*The first definition you sick bastards.