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September 24, 2023

These Firms Are Cheap AF With the Deferred Start Date Stipends

spare change

Remember when your grandma would slip a $5 bill in your birthday card and tell you not to spend it all in one place and you, the ungrateful child that you were, internally sneered that five bucks barely covers a soda and a candy bar? That was different because your parents paid your rent and all your income was discretionary, now that we’re adults with apartment leases and student loans we actually need money hence why we work in the first place.

Anyway, at least your grandma had good intentions and lived through the Great Depression. What’s EY’s excuse?

EY pushback date + 5k Stipend
by u/New-Application-4467 in Big4

OP was supposed to start in April 2023, then pushed back to July, now pushed back again to March 2024. That works out to approximately $555.56/mo, plenty to live off of if you’re sharing a trailer with four roommates in Springfield, MO.

Looks like Deloitte is offering $2k-$2500 a month to (some of?) their deferred starters, KPMG $10,000, and PwC NADA (confirmed with a source). Please let us know if you have different info.

Compare this to Bain offering their delayed MBAs $40,000 to work for a nonprofit while they wait for their pushed back start, $30,000 if they learn a new language, or $20k to become a yoga instructor or take a safari (seriously, it’s in WSJ).

It’s getting rough out there, remember to look out for yourself first and foremost. Deferred start dates might not be the worst thing in the world (if you have a safety net), go out and live a little before you enter the gauntlet. Take up a volunteer position, do some freelancing, travel, hit the gym, take some classes, foster a puppy, or made the excruciating climb to GM in Overwatch. The world’s your oyster, though you probably can’t afford oysters right now.

Any gripes about deferred start dates may be directed to the comment section and/or the editor.

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