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Deloitte Is Delaying Start Dates. Again.

Deloitte building

Poets&Quants reported yesterday that Deloitte is pushing back start dates for MBA new hires, for some they’ve been pushed back all the way to spring of next year.

The details:

Many of the MBAs hired by Deloitte, one of the world’s biggest accounting and financial advisory firms, have been informed that their onboarding with the company will be delayed until January or February 2024, or in some cases later in the spring. This comes after some start dates were already pushed back from July to August.

Deloitte, which employs more than 100,000 globally, joins the MBB firms — McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain — in delaying new hire start dates this year. MBAs at other top firms, including Accenture and Ernst and Young, also report receiving deferments in the last three to four weeks, according to information provided to Poets&Quants and commentary on message boards at Reddit.

A couple threads from the last month on r/deloitte:

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I just received communication that my fall 23’ start date has been delayed to late winter 24’ over 6 months. What are the chances I even have a job in February?

And our favorite, Incoming campus hires’ delayed start date meme dump:

Incoming campus hires’ delayed start date meme dump
by u/ejburritos in deloitte

More from P&Q:

Frustration abounds, according to a colleague of some MBAs from a top-50 business school who had been slated to start at Deloitte this month, partly because of the late notice: Most of the new hires whose start dates have been pushed back by five or more months did not learn of their fate until early to mid-July. In comparison, the MBB firms informed their delayed hires back in March and April.

“Some of those people were set to start within a week or two, and many had just signed leases in expensive cities like NY and Chicago,” the classmate tells P&Q. “Most Deloitte MBA hires didn’t find out a start date until the end of May or June, and it appears those were not serious. It does not reflect well on them and I know many students are incredibly frustrated if not downright angry. But what can they do? They have them in a vice that is made up of tuition reimbursement, signing bonus, and relocation help.”

Remember kids, the firm doesn’t care about you. Look out for yourself.