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Ambitious Intern Totally Prepared to Make the Leap to Deloitte CEO Like Tomorrow

If you recall, we wondered out loud last week who might take up the esteemed chair that will soon be missing Joe Echevarria's ass. As we know, current CFO Frank Friedman will at least keep the chair warm until the formal election process is completed.

Now, we have a self-nominated contender who has thrown his hat into the Going Concern comment section. We're pretty sure this person is entirely unfamiliar with the farcical Deloitte leadership election process, which we have detailed in the past.

But still:

While this may be too early since I am just an intern it is my goal to eventually become Deloitte's US CEO. I informed my senior of this goal and he was certainly very impressed since most interns don't show this much drive.

I was wondering how one would go about putting their name forward as a possible future CEO and whether I have to wait to make partner first or not.

May be too early? Nah, guy, you're definitely on the partner track. Your senior would clearly nominate you if he had a say in this, which he doesn't. But surely he told his manager and the manager told the partner and everyone had a nice hearty laugh at your expense.