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Programming Note: Moving The Furniture Around

Lots of announcements today, people. Do you mind? No, you don’t mind.

We’re rolling out a newly designed Going Concern starting Monday so the site will be dark tomorrow and through the weekend while the tech savvy youths do their thing.

This means no surprise weekend posts and no Open Items will be published. You’ll be able to read everything and comments will be open so you can rage at me or grovel to Adrienne about her return to the friendly confines of GC if you like. The site also might be down for awhile overnight on Sunday into Monday so if that’s your prime reading hour, adjust accordingly or try to get some sleep.

We’re hoping for a smooth transition but you just never know with these things. If there are some broken links or Open Items isn’t available or anything else appears to asmiss on Monday, please do us a favor and let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Once the smoke clears, we’ll try to resume things as normal. Thanks for your patience and continued support of Going Concern. Everything is (probably) going to be fine.