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Survey on Going Concern’s Survey

From time to time, Going Concern publishes some really crappy surveys, to you, their beloved audience. These surveys are ultimately a huge fail in that they a.) never ask interesting questions such as, "if your significant other was a firm, who would they be more like?" or "which GC contributor is the most likely to become a facist dictator?" [we all know this is HG of course] and b.) always ask for feedback but never give prizes. I mean the nerve of these people!

If you would be so kind to complete this survey, I'm told it won't take long and is painless. There's even a chance that you'll enjoy it more than the actual GC survey (probably not though. In fact, it might be an even worse survey; oh the irony).

Again, the survey is here and your participation is appreciated.

Thanks for supporting this survey on Going Concern surveys.