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Best way to get an accounting job in the Cannabis Industry?

I am currently a junior accounting major and will graduate Fall 2017. I don't plan to take the CPA exam right after I graduate, instead I plan on moving to Denver CO and I am hoping to get an accounting job in the cannabis industry. Right now there ARE jobs in the industry, but they are far and few between. Since I do not have an internship/experience (I might get an internship next spring/fall),I know I will be looking at an entry level bookkeeper position, or hopefully an entry level accountant in the industry. I thought this would be an interesting discussion and I would love your alls input. Right now the cannabis industry is a 2 billion dollar industry and they say by 2018 it will be a 10 billion+ dollar per year industry so I think there will be alot more accounting positions open a year and a half down the road. What are your alls thoughts? Thanks!