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Negotiating raises in Big4?

As the Compensation discussions are starting to roll out, I went back and looked at the 2013 threads to see roughly what kind of bump I might expect as a staff 1 > staff 2.  While there's plenty of comp information, I never saw any mention of people negotiating their raises (successfully or otherwise). 

When I was considering offers as a campus hire I was told by several people in Big 4 that it is possible to negotiate starting salaries, but I thought to myself: "I haven't done anything to prove my worth, maybe I'll just wait and argue for a higher raise that I can attribute to my solid work."  I spoke with a senior about raises briefly, and they told me what % raise I should expect to get with my rating, but they never said anything about being able to ask for more during comp talks.  After taking into account CPA and starting bonuses, I'll be making less as a staff 2 with my expected raise which to me doesn't sound great.

Is it possible to negotiate your raise in B4 if you get a rating above a 3, or are the comp talks basically partners telling you what you're going to make, end of discussion?  I know some smartass will come back with "you won't make shit anyway because it's Big 4 so blah blah blah," but that % extra could mean the difference between me getting a Gameboy Color and a Gameboy Advance, so eat shit.