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Spock – You’ve Got To Get Me Outta Audit!

Having seen Caleb's post on post busy session depression, I thought I would add to the mood (!) with my own tale of woe.  After a decade and a half of internal auditing, I have lost interest in doing the job. In part I think the root-cause of apathy is two-fold. I find working with other auditors bothersome as they are often pedantic and insular. Moreover, the regulatory environment is making the job harder in the sense you are auditing against the regs as well as the systems. As firms are so fearful of censure, the review process is hideous.

The recession isn't helping either; jobs are scarce and the jobs that are available are underpaid and in awkward locations. Working up enthusiasm is difficult at interview is also difficult, especially when silly questions are posed, e.g. have you done any finance audits? Any solutions so I re-engage? Any career alternatives? (I appreciate the situation maybe different State-side but I would welcome any comments and feedback.)