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Southern California Tax Pros?

Is anybody on here a tax professional in Southern California?  I'm currently in Boston, but my wife is considering a job out there, and I'm curious what the salaries / job markets and lifestyles are like.  If you're out there, this is what I'm curious about:

1) What city do you work in, what town do you live in, and how bad is the commute between the two?

2) What are some of the baseline salaries by position you've held, not including bonuses (i.e. base salary for an associate in public, senior in public, manager in a closely held business, etc.)?

3) Coming from New England, my background is predomanently high tech & biomedical / pharmaceutical companies, with some manufacturing clients when I was still in public.  Is there any market for this in CA, or am I going to be stuck looking for a job as a manager in the film industry?

4) What are the best/worst things about living in southern CA for an accountant?