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JD/MBA Backdoor

Has anyone heard or thought about applying for a JD/MBA program as a way of increasing your chances of getting into a top MBA – I hear adcoms weigh managment expereince to a lessor extent for JD/MBA applicants. Big time cons include the general uselessness of a JD/MBA, an additional year of school, and $75-150K in additional cost.

I'm flirting with the idea of applying to Northwestern's JD/MBA to increase my chances at least one M7. Northwestern accepts GMAT with no LSAT req. 

My Profile:

2.5 years expereince at time of marticulation in Big-4.with no real direct reports (ready to get the fudge out)
2 years starting/running family small business (top line 500K) between Soph. and Jr. year. 

Most Recent GMAT (740).
Composite of Best Scores (750-760).

Cum Laude in STEM from State School 

Slight interest in law, at best.