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Soon-to-be IT Auditor unsure of future

Hey everybody,

I am starting at Deloitte (midwest region) in August as an IT Auditor and am super stoked! However, I am a little concerned about my future career path after reading (probably far too many) discussions here. I have no current interest in sticking with IT audit beyond my Big 4 stint and I plan on sticking it out with Big D only until I get some experience as a Senor. 

I am currently pursuing the CPA and plan on taking the CISA next June. Ideally, I would like to use my Big 4 experience and certifications to transition in to a management-track position within a F500 company. I am currently interested in a position that requires a combination of IT/accounting/finance expertise but does NOT involve audit/governance work. 

Is this feasible? Will I need to get an advanced degree in order to make this transition? If so, is MBA the way to go? That opens up a lot of questions related "full-time vs. part-time MBA" and quality of university.

I am very driven and would like to be C-level guy one day. I just want to be sure that I am off to the right start and would appreciate any advice.

Thank you for reading!