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Should I accept a Big 4 offer?

Hello All,

I have a big decision to make in the coming week.  I received a job offer for a Big 4 starting at 50k in Audit and another offer from a mid-tier starting at 52k in IT Audit.

I’m currently an Internal Auditor, two years out of college, making ~65k, working 40 hour weeks.  The max salary for this position is in the mid 80s, which I will reach in 3-4 years.  There isn’t a lot of upward mobility, although most managers within the organization started off as internal auditors at one point and moved into management when there was an opening.  The organization provides a great pension plan that will annually pay out (in retirement) 100% of my final annual salary (assuming I stay with the org until I’m 60).

My aspiration is to be promoted to manager in the future, whether it is in IA or Finance, but I’m not necessarily shooting to become a Controller, CFO, etc.  Currently, I have a great work-life balance and pension is all but guaranteed (who knows what will happen in 40 years though, with current pension reform).  I’m unsure if I should accept one of the offers or if I should stay with my current organization for the long haul (ie, another 36 years).  There’s a lot to factor in, but if I didn't have the benefit of a pension looming around, the decision would be much easier (Big 4 Audit vs Mid-Tier IT Audit).  Any advice or suggestions would be extremely helpful!  Thank you in advance!