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Where to go from here? Recruiting help.

I am hoping to receive some advice as to what I should do in my current position. I am a MAcc student at a large school that is consistently ranked in the top 40 programs. I was a pretty average student undergraduate (around 3.0 for both GPAs). I'm not super proud of my undergrad GPAs but I worked 20 hrs a week and was involved in SGA so I was very busy. I have never had a problem explaining this in interviews.

Over the summer I did an internship with a top 10 (non big four) firm in a large metropolitan area. I received an offer but decided the city was too big for me so I requested that my offer be transfered to one of their other offices in another city. My understanding after talking to a few of the national recuiters was that my offer would be transfered but the office wanted me to come in and meet some people.

Because I had not officially received an offer from this office I decided to go to meet the firms and would later apply with three other firms.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I received a call from the recruiter I had been in contact with and she informed me that the office I was trying to transfer my office to selected someone else for the spot. I had no idea there were other interns they were picking from for the position. If I had had any idea I would have applied with more firms while the application process was still open. I decided to turn down the offer from the office I interned with and take my chances on the one office visit I got. I found out this week that I did not get a job with the firm I had the office visit with.

This brings me to current day and I have no idea where to go from here. I know that my GPA really hurt me in the recruiting process. I know that is on me. I have always been able to explain it in interviews (I made it to the office visit with one firm this year and received 3 internship offers last year) but I have always had trouble getting in the door. Because the recruiting process is done I am thinking my best option may be to wait until the semester is over and then start reaching out to people. Is that a bad idea? We are roughly half was through our test this semester and it is looking like I am going to end anywhere between 3.3 and 3.6 for the semester along with having two sections of the CPA passed.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated!