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The Shortage of Internal Auditors Isn’t Complicated

Like every other segment of the accounting profession, talented internal auditors are in short supply. The Institute of Internal Auditors, in their quest to raise the profile of the internal auditing profession and boost their membership, is acutely aware of this and wants everyone else to know it, too:

“Business and government face significant challenges to keep pace with a dizzying array of rapidly emerging and evolving risks,” said IIA president and CEO Richard F. Chambers. “The internal audit profession is in an ideal position to help them, but we must have the right talent at our disposal to provide that assistance.” 

Yes, there is interest in internal audit, however the IIA's report has indentified some reasons that explain the shortage including "demands on internal audit, insufficent compensation, and a lack of training dollars."

Por supuesto! Too much work and too little money. Until that changes, good luck finding the talent. You could have the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Magic Mikes recruiting for internal audit and it still wouldn't make a difference. These days, most accountants have options; no one will tolerate being overworked and underpaid for long.

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