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Rejecting Mid Tier for SHOT at big 4?

I am going into my senior year but still have 3 semesters left (will graduate in december '15). I am currently interning with a mid tier firm (think BDO, GT, etc etc) but want to go big 4. I want big 4 mostly for the bigger clients, exit opportunities, and prestige. At the end of the summer, I will be offered a job (most likely) and am not sure if I should accept it. On one hand, I like the firm i'm with but don't love it. On the other hand, I could reject the offer then go through recruiting at my school (big 4 target) again in the fall. My only hesitation is if I don't get an interview with the big 4. I have a 3.6 overall GPA and am in a fraternity that I am very involved with. Based on everyone's expertise, shoud this be enough to get an interview? I know if I get the interview I will get the internship (very good interviewer, went 4 for 4 with offers last recruitment). The big 4 told me that I couldn't interview with them last fall because I wasn't 'a year out from start date'. 


I've never heard that before but oh well. In the end, I really don't want me being non-big 4 hurting my exit opportunities down the road. I will definitely stay a few years (atleast until senior associate, most likely manager) and can deal with the long hours and tough work enviroment.


Has anyone ever heard of asking for more time to respond to the offer then going through recruitment? I have a feeling my firm won't let me do that but I thought i'd see if anyone had experience with this situation