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Moving out of tax

Hey all,

Been at a Big 4 in San Francisco/San Jose for about a year and a half. Since our office staffing/retention has been really rough every since I've started, I don't really focus on one thing and haven't really developed any particular skillset. I would say I do 1/3 compliance, 1/3 documentation/planning for transfer pricing, and the other 1/3 is one off projects I've gotten on (mainly due diligence, 382 studies). 

Coming in, I knew I wasn't going to stay here long and I'm definitely not wanting to do anything tax related anymore, it has gotten less and less interesting the longer I'm here.  Even when I get contacted or apply for job opportunities, they try to push me into a tax position (already). Looking all the way up to the senior manager/director level, they are doing the same crap I do + reviewing work.

I'm sure there are people on here who left Tax early on and I'm wondering what you moved into and what your thought process was. Or if anyone who went into tax, what would you have done differently? Some of the options I've considered are moving into Valuations and maybe going to B-School after a few years, moving into audit just because its general, or completely moving out of "accounting" all together. I'm not really set on anything in particular and I'm pretty open, especially if it pays well. If it helps anything, I went to the top public university in the bay area (you can figure it out) and graduated with decent grades.