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Footnotes: The Best Time for Ethics; Canada Goes CPA; Grover Norquist Thinks We’re Stupid | 06.23.14

New Evidence Shows Insider Trading Is ‘Pervasive’ and Rarely Punished Some people are not happy about this. [Fiscal Times]

Morning people are less ethical at night And night people are less ethical in the morning, which means you shouldn't trust me until at least 1pm or so [HBR]

The Worst Part Of The BNP Paribas Settlement Has Nothing To Do With The Fine — And All Wall Street Should Be Warned [Business Insider]

Accounting Today is accepting nominations for its annual Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list [AT]

GAO: Treasury's accounting policies for agency financial statements aren't sufficient The Treasury Department doesn't employ sufficient accounting policies to know whether an agency's consolidated financial statement is accurate, a June 19 Government Accountability report says. [Fierce Govt]

Don't forget: there's a PCAOB SAG meeting tomorrow [PCAOB]

Professional accountants in Canada are now united under the CPA banner [Globe and Mail]

Grover Norquist thinks we're stupider than France [CNBC]

Hitler owed $3 million in unpaid taxes, new documentary says [NY Daily News]

NSA Spook-Turned-Twitter-Pundit Goes Dark After Dick Pic Surfaces How many times must you learn: dick pics are between you, the receiver, and all of the Internet [Gawker]