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Big 4 Audit or Tax job in Corporate?


I have an offer from a big 4 firm to go work as an auditor. The problem is I’m not a traditional new hire (I’ll be 28 years old when I start, no kids, but I’m married). I’m not looking forward to working 90 hour weeks, and I actually find audit boring, so I feel like I’ll be miserable. However, I do like the exit opportunities and prestige that comes with big 4 on your resume.

I also have an offer to work for a major corporation. ZERO overtime is required, federal and state holidays off, pension, health benefits fully paid, literally the whole 9 yards. It’s tempting for me to go straight into corporate. Working 40 hour weeks will afford me plenty of time to study for the CPA exam and spend time with my family.

What should I do?