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This PwC Job Listing Gives Just a Little Too Much Information

So you're a skilled international tax person looking for a new gig. You come across this job posting on LinkedIn and find it interesting:

Are you interested in the opportunity to work for an industry-leading firm that services clients that include the Fortune 500, and will give you the experience and exposure you need to build your career and personal brand? If you are, then PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP ( is the firm for you. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC US) helps clients meet the challenges and opportunities of the US marketplace in the areas of assurance, tax, and advisory. We offer the advantage of being part of a global network of firms combined with detailed knowledge of local, state and US national issues. More than 180,000 people in over 158 countries across the PwC network are committed to deliver quality in assurance, tax and advisory services. People across the PwC network share knowledge, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and deliver practical advice.

That all sounds great! What does the job entail?

PricewaterhouseCoopers' International Tax Services (ITS) practice has experience helping companies address their cross-border needs. We help multinational businesses achieve their business goals in a tax-efficient manner, both locally and globally. Our International Tax Services professionals assist companies with:
– Staying abreast of developments within the international arena that may affect their business, both globally and locally
– Formulating effective and tax-efficient cross-border strategies for both US and overseas investments Managing their global structural tax rate
– Responding to inquiries from regulatory authorities


As we continue, we find whoever posted this got a little ahead of themselves with the old copypasta:

Additional Information:
Market, practice and level of position requested 1 – NYM ITS Senior Associate Why is the additional position needed (i.e., replacement for someone, growth, etc.) In FY15, NYM ITS has had 2 resignations and 2 long term leaves – at the Senior Level. Additionally, there have been 2 manager separations (repatriation/transfer out). Lastly, 3 transfers and 4 resignations at the experienced associate level. Due to this, our Seniors have had to take on more work. What specific work will the person be assigned to upon hire? This person will be assigned to replace those that have resigned / transferred out in an effort to balance the current workload. Name of Partner directly responsible and accountable for this individual. Responsible Partner will be responsible to bring the new hire to at least 70% utilization within 3 months of hire. Robert DeGaudenzi Names of Partners who have already approved this position Robert DeGaudenzi Market and specialty FYTD utilization Actual vs. Budget for the staff level of the requisition and the office/market as a whole, which should be within 1.5% points. Market FYTD Actual Utilization for [Senior Associate]: 78.7% Market FYTD Budgeted Utilization for [Senior Associate]: 79.3% Click here for PCS Budget Info Click here for NTS Budget Info Variance -0.6% Overall Office/Market FYTD Actual Utilization [All Staff Levels]: 73.3% Overall Office/Market FYTD Budgeted Utilization [All Staff Levels]: 74.6% Click here for PCS Budget Info Click here for NTS Budget Info Variance -1.3% Review the low utilization list for the staff level of the requisition and one level above it (unless the requisition is for a Director). The population should be reviewed for both the appropriate regional geographies and national specialty to assess opportunity to share resources or relocate resources. Consider balance of investment across the areas of our business. Review the forecasted structural leverage for the staff level of the requisition and consider whether it makes sense to add an individu

Um… awkward.