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Punit Renjen Gets Another Four Years as Deloitte Global CEO

Because June 1 is always New Year’s Day in the Deloitte universe, I woke up this morning to a shit-ton of Deloitte personnel news, so let’s get right to it.

First, Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen was elected to sit in the big chair for four more years. His second term began today.

Are you excited, Green Dot Nation? He sure is:

“Leading Deloitte has been a privilege, and I am honored to be chosen by my colleagues to continue our work for four more years,” Renjen says. “As Deloitte nears its 175th year, I’m both proud of the significant impact our professionals have made, and optimistic about Deloitte’s ability to enhance trust in markets, create solutions for clients, develop highly capable leaders, and help solve the toughest societal challenges.”

Punit Renjen

While we’ve given Renjen some crap through the years for some of the ridiculous things that have come out of his mouth—both as Deloitte U.S. chairman and Deloitte global CEO—you’ve got to give the guy a little credit for being at the helm when Deloitte leapfrogged over PwC in 2016 to become the biggest of the Big 4 in terms of global revenue. Deloitte kept the top spot in 2018, with revenues worldwide of $43.2 billion.

Renjen, who has worked at Deloitte for the past 32 years, was elected global CEO in February 2015 and officially started on June 1, 2015, replacing Dr. Phil lookalike Barry Salzberg.

Sharon Thorne

Second, in the same press release announcing Renjen’s re-election, Deloitte reminded everyone that North West Europe deputy CEO and president of the Boris Johnson Fan Club, Sharon Thorne, has begun her term as chair of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors. She is the first woman to serve as Deloitte Global chair.

Thorne, who joined Deloitte U.K. in 1986, succeeded David Cruickshank, whose four year-term as global board chair has come to a close.

Third, the first woman CEO of a Big 4 firm in the U.S. said goodbye to her minions via Twitter on June 1.

Engelbert was named the first-ever commissioner of the WNBA on May 15. She officially begins her new gig on July 17.

Engelbert, a former chairman and CEO of Deloitte’s audit practice, Deloitte & Touche, was named CEO of Deloitte in March 2015.

However, she was not nominated by the firm’s board of directors last year to serve a second four-year term as CEO. Joe Ucuzoglu, who replaced Engelbert as chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche, officially replaced Engelbert as Deloitte CEO on June 2.

Mike Canning

Lastly, speaking of Joe U., he’s already making moves, naming Deloitte Consulting Principal Mike Canning as the new head of the firm’s government and public services practice, effective today.

Canning takes over for Dan Helfrich, who is now chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting.

He first joined Deloitte in 1988, starting out as a research analyst in Deloitte’s Detroit office.

Canning currently serves as chair of Deloitte’s global committee and is a member of the strategy and governance committees on the U.S. board of directors. During his career, Canning has specialized in helping health plan organizations solve major issues, including strategic planning, merger and acquisition activities, business transformations, and implementation of large-scale projects, according to Deloitte.

And let’s not forget, Lara Abrash officially took over as chair and CEO of Deloitte & Touche on June 2, and John Peirson began his new gig yesterday as CEO of Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory.