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Grant Thornton Will Now Let You Tell Everyone How Great the Weather Is

We’re happy to report that the generosity at Grant Thornton continues. We found out earlier in the week that those of you that did something special, which may or may not involve an outift that wasn’t of your choosing, would be included in GT’s small bonus pool.
According to a tip we received, The Baumer and Co. has now decided that those of you that remain will be rewarded with the ability to make banal status updates at work:

During the experienceAugust all-personnel call, Ed Nusbaum announced the firm’s plans to open access to several external Web sites from Grant Thornton’s network. These sites include social networking and personal email sites such as Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and MSN Hotmail.
I am pleased to announce that access to these sites is now open.

This unexpected show of appreciation is almost overwhelming. As a tribute, leave cliché responses to this latest development in the comments. In this particular case, the more cliché, the better.