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PSA: How to Reach Out and Touch the Going Concern Team

Hello and Happy Friday, GC faithful. We are interrupting your regularly scheduled programming with an important message.

Maybe it's because we monkeyed with the tip box graphic awhile back or maybe it's because you all genuinely have nothing to tip us about but we've noticed a steady decline in tips and, frankly, it concerns us.

As outsiders, we rely on you all as our mint shirts on the ground to let us know what's happening at your office, in your inbox, at your firm's national HQ.

The Going Concern tip box brought us the intern with a highly condensed schedule of errands, the greatest farewell email of all time, and of course it was a team of tipsters who made sure we all knew KPMG would acquire Rothstein Kass before even KPMG knew. The tip box works, folks, even when it's being used to tell us EY is serving pork butt at 5 Times Square (LOL they said butt).

So you see, we would appreciate if you could take a little time out from your highly condensed schedule of errands to let us know what's going on out there. What's the worst that could happen? Well, the worst that happens is Colin and I make fun of you over Gchat. But if it's a good tip, you're making an impact on your fellow capital markets servants through your selflessness and generosity. Think of your fellow CPA! They are counting on you.

As has always been the case, you can reach us by email, Twitter, Facebook, and carrier pigeon. Or just yell really loud.