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PSA: How to Reach Out and Touch the Going Concern Team

Hello and Happy Friday, GC faithful. We are interrupting your regularly scheduled programming with an important message. Maybe it's because we monkeyed with the tip box graphic awhile back or maybe it's because you all genuinely have nothing to tip us about but we've noticed a steady decline in tips and, frankly, it concerns us. […]

Someone Is Not So Impressed With the AICPA’s New Forensic Accounting Certificate

This just in from the tip box: tip: In their entire FAQ section, not once was the question that I have:Is the certificate printed on 2-ply paper?  Because I plan on wiping my butt with it. Why don't you tell us how you really feel? I was going to call my contact at the AICPA […]

Layoff Watch ’12: Some Dude’s Friend at KPMG

This just in: KPMG just laid off a friend of mine in Rochester, NY. Sources familiar with the situation say that it's "unfortunate this happened" but claim that the friend was a "good guy" and "hard-working" although he had been "having a tough time lately" and "was talking about quitting anyway." The friend was not […]