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Promotion Watch ’14: EY Americas Admits 295 New Partners

Not to be outdone by PwC's addition of 180 partners the other day, EY has internally announced the admission of 295 new partners, 170 new executive directors and 31 new directors. Dang, son, slow it down over there.

The email that went out to EYers was standard congratulations, we are so excited, exclamation point exclamation point blah blah:

Congratulations to our new PPEDDs!
Today is a big day on the EY calendar. It's the day of annual promotions to partner and principal, executive director and director (PPEDD) in the Americas.
Americas Managing Partner Steve Howe announced the promotions on behalf of the Americas Operating Executive. In all, there are 295 new partners and principals, 170 new executive directors and 31 new directors.
Here's a link to our publication Celebrating career success, which tells you more and contains the names of those being promoted.
Our heartiest congratulations to all the new PPEDDs! Please make sure you share your best wishes as well—an EY celebration is truly in order!
Not just congratulations but the heartiest, guys. EY is clearly thrilled about this.
Your new EY Americas PPEDDs are below for your congratulating enjoyment.

EY Americas 2014 Partner Promotions