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December 4, 2022

#TBT: We Dug Up One Big 4 CEO’s Graduation Photo

Let's see which Big 4 CEO we have here…

Clearly we are referring to the man on the right and not the woman on the left because LOL a woman CEO of a Big 4 accounting firm yeah right!

So, who could this be?

Click on over to page 2 to find out.The strapping young mustacheless man in the cap and gown is none other than Deloitte Global CEO Barry Salzberg at his 1974 graduation from Brooklyn College.

Oddly, the LinkedIn post from which it comes — entitled How I Learned to Dream Big. And Why We Must Help Young People Do the Same — has been deleted. Perhaps the Deloitte legal team realized after it was posted that encouraging people to dream big might open them up to too many liability lawsuits, who knows. You can find the cache here (thank you, Internet!).

Investigative journalists that we are, we dug up a photo of young Dr Phil to compare. Take a look:

It is clear these two gentleman looked nothing alike in their younger days, leading us to suspect the transition to twinsies happened some time around 1984.

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