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Professional Advice

I have three years for private accounting background. I then jumped to audit at National CPA firm. Eight months later, after the first busy season, I was laid off. I accepted Field Examiner’s position, where my work invoices examining books of asset based borrowers for banks and other Financial Institutions (ABL Lending).

These turn of events caught me off-guard. When I worked in audit. I had an understanding of possible career trajectories, and was very happy with the options that they were presenting. I am new to the ABL field, and have no clue as to where it could lead in terms of professional/career development.

I would appreciate advice on the following:

  1. With Audit background, one could transition into either public (TA, M&A) or private sector (for example: Controller). Where could one working for ABL (Exams of ABL) transition into?
  2. I would like to enter Transactions Advisory (TA), M&A or any other “coveted” accounting fields. Is it possible, given my current professional background?
  3. I live in NYC and would eventually like to work in Financial Services Industry (Hedge Funds, P.E…). Would my ABL Examiner’s experience help me with it?
  4. Audit background is very transferable. In general how transferable is ABL Experience?

I apologize in advance for so many questions. I thought this was the easiest way to present my conundrum.

Thank you.