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Should An IT Auditor Take The CPA Exam?

I'm at IT Auditor who serves external audit clients at a "Big-4 Firm".

This question is with regard to certifications/licenses:

I will be wrapping up my CIA cert. next week as I am taking the final section. If you're wondering why an IT Auditor is pursuing the CIA – simple, I served as an Operational Auditor in Industry (prior to jumping to Public Accounting) and only had this 1 section to take after the move. Further, IT Auditor or not, my firm only requires 1 relevant certification prior to making manager; I may eventually go for the CISA but for now no.

"Should I take the CPA exam?" is my question. 

Before anyone asks, "Yes" I meet the requirements (i.e., education, credit hours, ect…). I even have the post-exam experience requirement already killed.

My Thoughts:

Do I technically need it: No

Would it be beneficial: If I stay in Public Accounting long term, they are obviously more promotions to Partner than Principal; Industry – obviously couldn’t hurt

My capability to "Pass" it: Given the time period that has elapsed between finishing my account degree and now, FAR by far (pun intended) would be my biggest challenge