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Possible CPA Vanity Plate Belonging to Possibly Vain Person Possibly Driving Around Dallas

As we're sure you already know, Tax Prof has been on the vanity license plate beat this week. Naturally, one of our readers had a spotted plate to throw in the mix:

"Saw this little beauty walking out of work about a year ago"

Now, it's entirely possible this license plate is one of those co-dependent we-share-an-email-address-and-a-Facebook-account plates people get of their initials so everyone — EVERYONE — knows they're married and love each other. More likely, however, we have a CPA Diva on our hands.

CPA Diva Clue #1: It appears this person is so much of a big deal silly things like white lines on the pavement that signify where one parking space ends and the next starts mean nothing to this individual. NOTHING, you hear me?! Divas can park however they want thankyouverymuch, especially if they've disclaimed their superior status with a vanity license plate.

CPA Diva Clue #2: Miss CPA Diva requires extreme window tint, presumably because she's such a big deal she could cause an accident if common, non-diva folk are allowed to see her in her full glory.

Here's my license plate*, what's yours?

*Yeah right, like I'd give you stalker vultures my real license plate.