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Footnotes: You May Now Follow Tax Reform on Twitter; Jim Turley on the Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban; Let’s Go 990 Hunting | 05.09.13 and @simplertaxes are here for your viewing and following pleasure. [via DMWT]

Ernst & Young's Jim Turley on the Boy Scouts Reassessing Their Gay Ban There are many challenges to the current policy. It’s not in keeping with the thinking of the majority of Americans. And I don’t think it will lead the Scouts to be as robust and successful for the youth of the country as it can be. It’s not a policy I subscribe to. It’s something we know we need to wrestle with. […] I came to the conclusion that the controversy risked damaging Ernst & Young’s brand. I felt I needed to speak out. [BBW]

FASB Requesting Participation in FASAC Survey [AWEB]

ProPublica has rolled out a Nonprofit Explorer that will allow you to examine file 990s. [ProPublica]

The two Europes, in one chart This is a thing that one might describe as not good. [Wonkblog]

Cyberthieves Looted A.T.M.’s of $45 Million in Just Hours [NYT]

No Bang for the Buck New York's hocus pocus math doesn't fool DCJ. [Tax Analysts]

Book On New Jersey Wines Does Not Support Deducting Trips To France [Forbes]

Deloitte to pay Xplore $700K to settle negligence suit [ABJ]

Here's a video from the North Carolina Associateion of CPAs about Tar Heel Tax Reform [YouTube via TF]


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