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License plates

Oh Look, Another License Plate That Reminds You of Work While Sitting in Godawful Traffic

Either "EBITDA" was taken or the driver didn't appreciate the irony of excluding depreciation on a car's license plate. [Imgur via r/accounting]

Who Puts “USGAAP” on Their License Plate?

It's nice to see a little national accounting pride, I guess: A few suspects: Christopher Cox Someone from the CPA Congressional Caucus who has a boat parked in RI. Your average Joe who's just walking down the street minding his own business. Anyone at the SEC, really. If spotted, flag him or her down and get […]

Only One Thing Says ‘Accountant’ More Than a Practical Car

Meanwhile, somewhere in Georgia… About what you expect for an accountant's vanity plate, right down to the typos. [imgur via r/accounting]

Spotted: Chevy Belonging to Grant Thornton Refugee or Peeing Calvin

There's also a chance that this is a picture of one of Craig Haber's old cars. Don't want to rule out any possibilities. 

Possible CPA Vanity Plate Belonging to Possibly Vain Person Possibly Driving Around Dallas

As we're sure you already know, Tax Prof has been on the vanity license plate beat this week. Naturally, one of our readers had a spotted plate to throw in the mix: "Saw this little beauty walking out of work about a year ago" Now, it's entirely possible this license plate is one of those […]

What Will Maryland CPAs Put on Their Vanity License Plates?

Of course Tom Hood had something to do with this.

Get your MACPA vanity license plate, complete with the CPA logo and tagline “CPA – Never Underestimate the Value” prominently featured. Let everyone know you are a member of the Maryland Association of CPAs. Plates cost just $25. They’re a fun way to show you are proud to be a CPA.

There’s one resident of Maryland who probably would like one of these that simply says “JDA” but we’re guessing “CPA wranglers” aren’t eligible. As for the legit CPAs out there, unless there’s a proctologist out there that’s already nabbed it, we suggest you move quick to get “ASSMAN” because it won’t last. We’ll hear your other clever suggestions now; shoot for style points.