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Philly Man Uses Selfies to Prove Residency to Tax Man, Daughter Shares With the World

No, this isn't a case of a stupid daughter oversharing on social media.

Anne Jarvis' dad Andrew is like a lot of folks who split their time between Philadelphia and NYC. Bewildered by his long commute, Andrew rented a place in NYC closer to work but kept his Philly homestead. In order to prove to the NY tax man he spends 51% of his time in Philly and therefore isn't subject to NY taxes, he started photographing himself in front of his Philly crib.

While his daughter may have taken dad's camera, stole these pictures and mistakenly called the subsequent Instagram "internalrevenueselfies" as if the IRS cares in which state you reside (hello, there's a difference between federal and state, kiddo), the result is still hilarious.

internalrevenueselfies on Instagram

Man Takes Selfies for Proof to the IRS [Mashable]