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Pass Up PwC If Receive Full-time Offer From Deloitte?

Hello everyone at the GC Community, 

I recently recevied an offer to intern at Deloitte in Summer 2015 Audit. I am very excited but I was not expecting it. My GPA literally met the minimum requirement. I did not do any networking prior to applying/interviewing/getting the offer. I dropped off my resume at a career fair at my college and then I applied through my school's career site. I went through the whole process and got the offer. I'm presuming that although my grades are not on par with what is expected, it was my resume that helped me get in the door. I have worked hard to build my resume during my time at college with other internships, extracurriculars etc (I also have my Associates in Accounting where I graduated on the Dean's List and with Honors). I am very excited but my goal was to start my career at PwC. Something about the firm, the people, and the associates who I have met with has gotten me hooked on the idea of starting my career at PwC. I know that most interns receive full-time offers after their summer internships, unless they are horribly bad at their jobs. 

My question is, say all goes well, I start my internship at Deloitte, and receive a full-time offer, does it make sense for me to go through the whole campus recruting process for full-time again for PwC? Should I even try? Should I just relax and settle in to the idea of starting my career at Deloitte? How long do interns have to accept the full-time offer after their summer internships at the Big 4? Have you heard about Big 4 Summer interns switching firms after their internships?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to the responses!

PS: I know PwC's standards for grades are pretty high, and I will be working on my GPA through out the next year.