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Protip: Threatening to Kill Your Colleagues, Even in the Midst of a Brutal Busy Season, Is Never Cool

Over the weekend, we received quite the disturbing item in the ole tip box. Our tipster did not leave an email address so we cannot possibly verify this but wanted to share anyway:

Something very interesting happened to me during busy season.  An entry level threatened to kill me.  He wrote a note saying he wanted to kill me.  I scolded him for plugging numbers during testing and this is what happens to me.  Funny thing is the guy didn't get fired.  Didn't get reprimanded one bit.  Got kicked off the client but that's about it.  Absolutely unbelievable.

Presumably still fearing for his life, our tipster did not include a photo of this note or any other evidence, so we have included an artist's rendering of the note:

Now, I think we've all been to the point where we want to blurt out really inappropriate things like "FIRE!!" in a movie theater or "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" to a manager but most of us have the sense to bite our tongues. I'm pretty sure I've told my esteemed editor Colin I want to strangle him more than once but I generally do this on the phone and if in a written communication, I make sure to include a condescending "haha" and my choice of emoticon at the end of the statement so he doesn't call the cops on me.

Threatening the life of a colleague is defintely a fireable offense, no? If I were the tipster, I'd find a new firm as the culture at this one clearly isn't a good fit if this murderous newbie is running around leaving notes like this.

Tipster, if you're out there, make up a Mailinator account or something and get back in touch, we have to see this note.