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Advice Needed on PwC IT Advisory Manager Salary (12+ years experience)

Hello Everyone,

I have 12+ years experience with a Master’s degree in Engineering as well. Just heard from PwC HR today that I have cleared the technical round for IT Advisory and I am being considered for Manager role (asked for SM/D role but I was told that I need to prove as M within PwC for couple of years). Salary negotiation is yet to start. Please advise on the below questions.

1. I am currently on $125K base. How much can I quote for a Advisory Manager role with 12+ years experience. Glassdoor shows top range of $190K+. I was told that this is a Mon-Thurs travel-client facing role. How much does people with 12+ years earn in a similiar role in PwC earn?

2. Does PwC offer sign on bonus for Advisory lateral joiners. If so, how much would it be?

3. Can annual bonus be negotiated or is it standard based on appraisal rating?

4. Any other info which I should be aware of before negotiating and joining?