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OnlyFans Creators Are Saying They’re Accountants to Avoid Explaining They Sell Nudes on the Internet

It isn’t every day “accountants” go viral, but apparently that’s just what happened when actor Rocky Paterra made his “I’m an Accountant” TikTok, which to date has 2 million views. The gist of it is he got sick of trying to explain what he does for a living and instead just tells people he’s an accountant. As most of you already know, that’s about all you need to say in order to end that line of questioning from strangers and family alike as they’ll just assume you’re good at math and do taxes. Also they don’t actually care and certainly don’t want to hear what you actually do for work day in and day out.

Anyway, here’s his song:

@rockysroadCalling all struggling actors! ?? ##musicaltheatre ##broadway ##actorslife ##theatrekid ##gayman ##musicaltheatrekid ##theatrekidcheck ##playbill ##hamiltok♬ original sound – rockysroad

Here’s the funny part. According to Buzzfeed, “the sound has now been adopted by people working across the sex industry. It has become the meme song of choice for strippers, ‘sugar babies,’ and particularly creators on the content subscription platform OnlyFans.”

For real:

@stormigeeI’m gonna get beat for this I already know ##foryou ##modestgirl anyhow user is stormigee♬ original sound – rockysroad

Ah yes, “I’m an Accountant,” the anthem of e-strippers everywhere. What a glorious timeline we live in.

So if next time you talk your mom and she gets a little too inquisitive about what you’ve been doing at work these days, now you know why. I say just to mix things up tell her you’re actually not an accountant but that you’re making a lucrative living selling feet pics on the internet.

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